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How To Setup An African Cichlid Aquarium?

How To Setup An African Cichlid Aquarium?

If you are searching for active, vibrant fish as your first pets together, African cichlids may be for you. These freshwater tropical fish are beautiful, and they're pleasant in a crew of the identical species. With the ideal tank setup, a college of cichlids will be fascinating and flawless aquatic pets.

Tank Size

A big aquarium that is 30 gallons (120 l) or bigger is a excellent option for a cichlid tank. African cichlids are aggressive fish, and even though they get alongside with different cichlids, small aquarium space can motivate their aggressive nature. A spacious tank will give enough room for your finned buddies to get along well together.

Cichlids are energetic swimmers, and they thrive when they have room to swim freely and rapidly round their environment. Additionally, if you would like your colony of cichilds to grow, ladies are more probably to spawn and babies have more opportunity to survive in a spacious tank with lots of room to hide.

Water Needs

African cichlids originate from rocky, tropical lakes. In captivity, they thrive in hard water. The pH balance, or quantity of acidity and alkaline, in your cichlid tank must range between 8 to 8.6.  An easy way to maintain the hardness of your tank water increase is to add a piece of coral or seashells. These shells can add minerals and acidity to the watery environment. As for the temperature of your African cichlids' water, these little guys thrive in moderate to warm water ranging from seventy four to seventy eight degrees Fahrenheit (23 to 26 Celsius).

Decorations and Substrate

African cichlids embrace having hiding space in their tanks. However, these lively fish also spend a lot of time rooting round objects and can effortlessly move those that are too lightweight. Large stones, shells and aquarium decorations in the form of caves are perfect due to the fact these cichlids can't dislodge them from their locations. They additionally provide essential hiding spots for your aquatic pets. Natural vegetation are the great option for aquascape, due to the fact cichlids can easily uproot the plastic kind. As for your desire of substrate, or the material that you will use to cover the base of your tank, aquarium pebbles, gravel or sand will grant a floor protecting that will simulate your fish's real tropical lake habitat. These sorts of substrate also motivate cichlids to root round for food and to spawn.

Tank Mate Selection

Your African cichlids might not get alongside with just any tank mates. Passive neighborhood fish like neons, barbs and tetras may also look like dinner to your finicky cichlids. When choosing tank mates, it is good to stick with different African cichlids that are comparable in size. In addition, a team of six to 10 will permit your pets to form and school besides overcrowding the tank.

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