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Aquarium price vary depending on the size and set-up. Aquarium price can differ depending on its contents. The more exceptional or singular the tank and its contents, the higher is its price. Customers are entitled to check out our fish tank price lists. Our prices are the most competitive and economical in the market as we focus more on the quality of our products. There are many suppliers, but we provide quality products for competitive prices. Almost every ward has a number of shops selling fish tanks and its accessories. Our Aquarium price in Bangalore is one of the most economical and has an edge on the quality as well. Fish tank prices are based upon the size, capacity, thickness and the type of fish that go into it.

Checkout the Price list Here : (URL)


are you are looking to buy an Aquarium Near Me?

Then Your have reached the right place

Aquarium Craze is happy to announce that we deliver your aquarium at your doorstep,

If you are trying to search for aquarium near me, its going to take time and energy to travel around places in this hectic traffic and pollution to find the right aquarium for you.

Aquariumcraze.com is here to save your time and energy

Browse our wide range of imported and custom made aquarium which may suite your requirement at your finger tip.

 Aquarium craze also provide free professional consultation to have a successful aquarium keeping.

so what are you waiting for call us today @ 6362489997


Yes there will be a delivery charge.

Reason : none of the courier service accept glass items in Bangalore, therefore we use donzo and person delivery depending on the distance and the size of the aquarium.

What will be the delivery charge?

Donzo delivery charge

Its an app just like other food delivery apps.

The charges are based on the distance. Charge will be informed to customer during the time of delivery

Vehicle rent charge

Vehicle is rented depending on the aquarium size and distance. Charges vary on the type of vehicle.


Imported aquarium does not have any warranty once the product is delivered.

Aquarium made of  toughen glass has 1 year warranty.

Aquarium made of regular glass has 6 months warranty for water leakage only. ( not for crack or any other damage)

Does Accessories have any warranty?

Sorry, accessories do not have any warranty because its mostly China made products and the company manufacturers do not provide any warranty. 


Usually it takes 2 to 3 working days to deliver the produce.

Once the order is placed and confirmed, we will check the stock availability, because the website is not updated on realtime basis ( kindly excuse ) as its lack of man power on technical knowledge.


We make it very easy.

1. For Cash on delivery orders, customer has to intimate before 24 hours via phone call. (You next  order will be accepted on prepaid only)

2. For other online payments customer has to intimate before 12 hours or else there will be rupees 100/- charged ( we take online payment as our priority ) Hence the shipping takes place more faster.


We accept following kind of payment mode.

1. Debit card

2. Credit card

3. Account transfer

5. Google pay

6. Phone pay

7. Paytm

8. Cash on delivery 

We Don't accept cheque payment as we have had some bad experience in our past

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