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ada amazonia - 9 Liter Soil Bag

Delivered from common soils 

Extraordinary reason for immaculate plant development 

Wealthy in regular supplements 

Granules keep up their structure for quite a while 

Emulates the ground of tropical woodlands

Product Price
₹2650 ₹2499

Water Soil - Amazonia is a thought substrate material for Nature Aquarium. With this item, you can without much of a stretch re-make a regular habitat where amphibian plants develop quickly and fish and spineless creatures carry on with a solid life. It contains a lot of natural acids and supplements which empower plants root development, and gives an ideal substrate framework to oceanic plants when utilized with ADA?s POWER SAND. Its powder type performs adequately when utilized in little size aquariums or spread in a dainty layer over the ordinary sort Amazonia. 

Intended to make the picture of Amazonia. Make an aquascape portraying the rich South American rainforest with the dynamic variation of stormy and dry seasons.

Totally new substrate produced using uniquely prepared regular material from the earth 

Colloid particles catch earth drifting in the water, with no compound treatment 

Offers lucidity to the water and makes conditions perfect for sound development of sea-going plants 

Brings down the hardness dimension of the water 

Brings the pH dimension of the water down to a perfect dimension for a large portion of the oceanic plants 

Made out of granules of size and thickness perfect for the quick advancement of sound plant root frameworks, rather regular substrates, for example, sand 

Granules keep up their shape for an extensive stretch in water, holding air between them, which is crucial for the long time support of a planted aquarium 

Utilized with Power Sand invigorates the quick colonization of microorganisms in the substrate and makes ideal conditions for plant root frameworks 

Most attractive pH level for most amphibian plants(ph 5.5 - 6.5) to build up their root frameworks

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